Splendid dishes of the Trevigian cuisine, according the seasons you can find the barley soup, with beans, with artichokes and pasta with beans.

Going on with tagliatelle with duck sauce, seasonable risotto with mushrooms and with radicchio, bigoli in anchovy sauce.
Triumph of super typical second dishes, from trippe alla faraona in “peve-rada” sauce, the “sopa coada”, prepared following a recipe written by Maffioli witch includes exclusively novello pigeon meat.

And more tasty bites of beef with radicchio, the “rosta” goose with celery, rabbit with olives, roasted pig’s ankle, venetian liver, rognoncino of beef, or “sardine in saor”.

Concluding, among the desserts of the house, you can find mascarpone cream with offelle.

IThe average price excluding drinks is from 25 € to 30 €.
Besides we have the pleasure to communicate that our restaurant has been signalled by these guides: Michelin, Veronelli, Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Osterie d'Italia.